Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Xperience Creations

BDSM play is so much more than just “play” it’s a chance to explore and surrender to your deepest and most passionate desires. An opportunity to luxuriate in the expression of all the senses, an asseveration of our inner truth. Such honesty begs for appropriate instruments of quality and distinction. Did Michelangelo sculpt with playdoh? Were crayons the medium of choice for Leonardo? Was Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata composed on a kazoo? The creation of great art is immeasurably facilitated by skillful application of inspiration with quality tools.
That is the defining philosophy behind Xperience Creations; Use all my skills, knowledge and talents combined with the highest quality materials to create the finest possible tools to assist in the expression of your passions. Tools that not only help in the creation of your art, but they are art themselves. Implements to proudly display. Creations with their own story. Cherished works of functional art to help you express your story.