Los Angeles, California, United States

Wiley Wolfe

Mistress Wiley Wolfe (she/they) is a Professional Dominant, Human Animal Handler, Fetish Performer, and Primal Daddy based in Los Angeles. She is the Co-Founder of SoCal Creatures, an inclusive pet play community; The Observation Room, a themed immersive kink experience; and is the creator of Instinct LA, a primal community and accompanying virtual support group. Her workshops have been welcomed at venues and events including Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, IMsLBB, Dark Odyssey, Dungeon East, Wicked Grounds, Kinkfest, and more. She delights in utilizing her lens as a gay genderqueer person to empower inclusivity, ethics, and gender-euphoric f*ckery in BDSM.


Pup Training Basics

Get your leash and toys ready - it's time to train!

Discover how training can benefit a Handler/human pup dynamic, different common training methods, and how to get the most out of your sessions. We'll cover body postures and immersive puppy communication, as well as core commands to create a solid obedience foundation!

Whether you're currently in a Handler/pup partnership or solo and looking to learn, this class will get you off to a tail-wagging good start.

Exploring Gender and Sexuality Through Animal Role Play

Animal Role Play can be a vehicle for stress relief, structure, joy, and more - but it can also be a powerful form of exploration and validation! Join us to discover how to harness your inner creature through the lens of gender and sexuality. We'll discuss connecting your inner animal/s to your identity/ies, solo play ideas, centering validation in scenes and dynamics, approaching negotiation, psychological awareness, Handler participation, and more! Bring your experiences, thoughts, and ideas. My hope is that you'll leave this class inspired to create play that makes everyone feel empowered and seen.