Website Team


TNS TNS (hij/hem voornaamwoord) does stuff for the site. He’s wrestled crocodiles, boxed kangaroos, he’s even played mahjong with a wombat on acid. We’re not sure what he does for the website actually, but we do know he can survive on a diet consisting of nothing but caffeine and gasoline. We’re also sure that all he does is copy and paste things from Stackoverflow and pushes useless commit messages; git commit -m “changes”. Trying stuff until it works. Solutions that might fix the problem without breaking anything.

Superpowers: Limitless charm, able to identify make of firearm from 50 paces, can spot bullshit at 1000 yds, zero tolerance for asshattery, affinity for herding feral cats.

Involved Since: Sometime ago.

Enjoys: Braai, Speculaas, Stroopwafels, Whisky, Bourbon, and Boba (#Bobalife 💯💯💯👌👌). Also that stuff, you know.

– I’m a Street Racing GOD!