Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Srg (they/he/princess,) is a seasoned veteran of the kink community, with over 20 years of experience. Srg's passions include bondage, impact play, electrical play and psychological play, but is most known for their more pointed forms of play, such as needle play, suturing, hook suspensions, and cuttings. For well over a decade, Srg has been sharing their knowledge and expertise by teaching workshops at events such as Oasis Aqualounge, Black Rose, TOKink, TEASE, DAL, and Kapital Kink. They also served as the Chief Dungeon Monitor (DM) of the largest fetish parties and kink conventions in Ontario for over 10 years. These workshops have covered a range of topics related to bondage and blood sports, including suspension, cutting, large gauge needles, hooks, and suturing. Despite their reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable player, when it comes to Srg the jury is still out, while some people think they're a teddy bear, others are afraid to be alone with them.

This year, Srg is thrilled to be expanding their teaching horizons and joining the amazing lineup of instructors at Westcoast Bound 2024. They look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with the attendees and is excited to be a part of such a dynamic and respected event in the kink community.

Overall, Srg is a passionate and dedicated member of the kink community who is continuously sharing their knowledge and experience to educate and empower others. Their workshops and classes are not to be missed.