Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


Sir C is a sadistic, queer, poly, rigger, Master and BDSM educator. She is known for her interesting training perspectives, unique M/s philosophy, and "evil" genius. She joined the public scene in 1996 and worked as a contributor to the Internet's leading innovator in live and interactive BDSM content from 1999 – 2004. She has been honored to be invited to teach classes all over the country from small local munches to large national events like Dark Odyssey Winter Fire and all manner of/size of events in-between. Don't let her resting bitch face fool you... She is an energetic and engaging instructor who could be the love child of Martha Stewart and Hannibal Lecter. She offers fresh perspectives and actionable advice in all of her classes. Attendees have said, "Your class was incredible." and "My submissive sat next to me terrified the entire time."