Comfort Amenities

Comfort Amenities


Vancouver has a large bootblack community and they will be available to take care of your boots and other leather gear during the weekend.  They will be located outside of the ballrooms throughout the weekend.  If you have jobs you want done, come see them early so you aren’t disappointed!


We have hired a photographer to be onsite during Westcoast Bound.  We recognize that this decision leads to a need for clearly stated expectations and limitations, so below is what you need to know and what you can expect.  If we don’t answer all of your questions, we invite you to pose them below. It’s possible we may not have even considered something you may see as blatantly obvious!

Why a photographer?

It can be challenging to promote a conference as large as Westcoast Bound without any visual marketing material. We post pictures of the venue but, as you can imagine, things look a whole lot different once we’ve moved in for the weekend!  We want to get shots of the vendor area and the dungeon, both close ups and overviews (before the spaces fill up with people!)

Additionally, we would like to have photos of our amazing speakers doing what they do best.  We will offer these shots to our presenters as well, in the event that they would like to use them for their own personal and professional marketing. All presenters will have the option to opt out of photos.

Lastly, we are planning networking events that will be amazing and want to ensure we capture those memories as well.

What about privacy?

The photographer will not be wandering around taking random shots unless invited/requested to do so.

Any photos taken of individuals by request will not automatically belong to Encrypted Events for promotion. If there are photos taken that we are interested in using, we will request consent of the individual(s).

Any shots taken during a class setting will be focused solely on the presenter and anyone inadvertently captured in the shot will be blurred (using the camera settings) or cropped out in post editing.

The photographer will not be in the dungeon during parties.

All photos will be carefully reviewed before they are used, shared or posted in any way.

Did we miss anything?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to bring them forward.  We wanted to give ample notice of our intentions so that we could address any concerns prior to the event rather than putting out fires on site!