Oakland, California, United States


Sejay is a pansexual, transgender, biracial flirt 😉 They found the BDSM scene through work as a professional safer sex educator 15 years ago. They travel regularly to leather community events across the US and Canada, training hundreds every year and strutting the stage as a sex-positive genderfuck drag'lesque performer and storyteller. A switchy, sadomasochistic punster and proud geek, you might find them flagging hanky code, cosplaying, or sporting their top surgery scars with a leather harness. Woof!


Orientation to Westcoast Bound

Is this your first time attending this event? Are you new to play parties or kink conferences? Get the skinny on what you can expect to see, how to engage with others, and navigate this exciting environment. We'll illuminate dungeon etiquette and provide tips to maximize a good time as you explore this sexy space and join this amazing community. C'mon by for a warm welcome to Westcoast Bound!

Fucking with Trans Queer Hotness

Want to have a good fucking time with a trans* or gender-non-conforming hottie? And a good, ahem, *fucking* time? Or, y'know, just some ways to be socially tactful about trans*/queer folk in general? Join us for the basics on gender & orientation, practice avoiding some common blunders and replacing them with hot inclusive phrases, and learn tips for being a sexy partner (or self-lover!) in the sheets/dungeon.