Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Robin aspires to help normalize sexuality through education, coaching, consulting, and community involvement. Her unique background and experience includes her former work as a Stripper, Pro Domme, Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink, and Nurse (cardiology, psychology, and sexual health).

Host of Sex with Robin SPLIT Radio
FL Handle: Redrobin
Social Medias: @sexwithrobin


Embracing Your Primal Side

What can Primal Play look and feel like? How do you tap into your primal side? In this demo and participation (not required-voyeurism is welcome!) based workshop, we will explore various states with a ton of tips and tricks to help you get there! There will be opportunity to do some exercises with a partner.

Fondling, Fingering & Fisting

Don't be afraid of the word 'fisting' -it doesn't have to be scary! Come join us for a demonstration based workshop on using your hands - whether part of your hand or the whole hand, to please all manner of holes. We're going to debunk myths, get nerdy about the human body, and share some sexy tips and tricks! This workshop is for all bodies, genders and orientations!

Smack! Impact Play 101

Have you ever had a smack to the butt and knew you wanted more? Do you have a partner that has asked you to spank them, but you're not sure if there's a technique to it? Those floggers look intimidating, but how to use them? There is absolutely technique to impact play, and anyone can learn! In this demo based workshop we will explore the many methods and techniques to spanking your partner in a pleasurable (or not so much!) way. In this live demo you will get to see varying tools including hands, paddles, canes, floggers and more!