Westcoast Bound is produced by Encrypted Events, an event production company run by Sara Blaze and Scott Knight.

Sara Blaze is the past President of MVK Alternative Lifestyle Society (“MVK”), BC’s largest BDSM not for profit organization which, until its closure in 2021, focused on promoting outreach and education and produced over 120 events every year.  Sara served as MVK’s President for six year and sat on its board of directors for 10 years.  



Scott Knight is one of the founders of Indigeo Volo, a not for profit organization located in Victoria, BC and sat on its board of directors for five years.  He is passionate about facilitating positive first experiences for newcomers and post-covid has commenced co-hosting the monthly Newbie Munch with Sara.



Through Encrypted Events, Sara and Scott produce a variety of events including Inner Sanctum, Glitch and Empower.  For more information about Encrypted Events, please visit www.encryptedevents.com