Lizard & Orannis

These queer femmes are lovers of all things kink, including cigars, power exchange, leather, impact, mental/emotional sadomasochism, and of course… ROPE!

Native to the Eastern shore, Lizard and Orannis have taught together nationally, at event such as Ropecraft and Bound in Boston, for the past two years. They are most well known for their innovative, “outside of the box” style of rope, which favors intention and adaptability over traditional aesthetics. This means making rope accessible not only to rope bondage enthusiasts, but to ALL kinksters.

When teaching, Lizard and Orannis draw from their experiences in rope, as well as their formal education as healthcare professionals. Their passion and sense of humor make for an engaging class, while their adaptive approach to rope inspires creativity and encourages problem solving.

Lizard and Orannis believe in making rope education a collaborative effort between partners.  They encourage active participation and feedback from the people who are tied in class, so that everyone may learn from varying experiences.