Lady Umbra & prairie locked

Lady Umbra is Master to her slave, prairie locked, and they share a 24/7, long-distance relationship dynamic built on elements of consensual non-consent, Owner/property, Leather, and spirituality.  The best way to describe their relationship is not as a Queen and her knight, but rather as a Queen and her court jester! Lady Umbra rules with a strict yet compassionate demeanor, and he devotes his life to her service with a humorous flair.  They espouse an equitable relationship, yet maintain the inequality in their roles through structured protocols and rituals. Lady Umbra and her slave also enjoy a wide variety of edgier play that combines whips, needles, knives, boots, cigars, and humiliation.

Lady Umbra is a pansexual, polyamorous, sadistic Leatherwoman.  She is a devoted advocate for cultivating women’s empowerment, and serves the BDSM, Kink and Leather communities as an organizer and educator.  Lady Umbra previously served on the board of directors of Xibalba Studio and co-founded AWAKENS (A Women’s Association for Kinky Education & Networking Saskatoon) in late 2015.  Lady Umbra is also the founder of the Prairie Women’s Network which provides opportunities for women from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to connect with each other. She regularly moderates the AWAKENS discussions and also hosts Women’s Circles at a variety of events.

As for her slave, prairie locked is a heteroflexible masochist and has been on the board of directors of Kink Regina since July 2016, previously serving as house slave.

They are the group leaders of Saskatchewan Power Exchange (SKPE).  One of their ongoing ambitions has been to help strengthen the bond between the BDSM communities in their respective cities, and it was through this endeavour that Lady Umbra and prairie locked first encountered each other and discovered their shared love of bootblacking.

Lady Umbra and her slave are privileged to be the 2018 International Power Exchange and the 2017 Western Canada Power Exchange titleholders. Together they have travelled Canada and the US connecting communities, inspired people to explore their own power exchange relationships, and presented workshops on bootblacking, humiliation play, artistic needles, mindfulness and more.