Master Rook and slave rook

Master Rook and slave rook are Northwest M/s 2019. They met in 2011 and the power between them was palpable from the start. Through many thought experiments, protocols, google documents, and fucked up scenes, their contract and the limits of their authority exchange was carefully crafted into 24/7 M/s. They have taught together at dozens of events and many ecourses on slave rook is the co-creator and illustrator of The GENDER Book and the game Kinkopoly; Master Rook has written thousands of dirty words for anthologies, columns, and their own site,, under the pen name of Sinclair Sexsmith. They live together in Oakland.


Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Even before joining Seattle’s organized BDSM community in 2005, Naj was exploring kink and introducing others to figging, play piercing, sounding, fisting, and other delights. More recently, they have had the pleasure of presenting for KinkFest in Portland, Dark Odyssey: Surrender in San Francisco, Helsingin Akateemiset Kinkyt in Helsinki, FapCon in Calgary, and more. Naj strives to use their perspective as a nonbinary queer switch to flavor education which is inclusive, nuanced, and creative. For more information or to see where they’ll be teaching next, go to

Katherine and Ray

Dahlia Bloom and Verris are the kink teaching names of Katherine Friedman, LPC and Ray Nelson, NCC. A long time anti-oppression activist, Katherine brings her enthusiasm for understanding power and seeking liberation to her therapy practice and her kink. She is deeply committed to self-expression and creativity, and has been studying, practicing, and teaching embodied mindfulness for 20 years. Ray has been exploring the eroticism of TPE / authority transfer relationships for over a decade. As an educator he is passionate about challenging the prevailing cultural narrative of what constitutes sex, and sexuality. Katherine and Ray are colleagues, kinky pals, and teaching partners. They use their training in holistic sex therapy to bring psychologically minded classes to the kink and Leather communities. Both are therapists working in private practice specializing in individual and relationship counseling for those struggling with Mental Health and Sexual issues. They have taught classes at Leather Reign 12, Colorado State University, Existential-Humanistic Northwest, as well as Close-In Munch, Positively Kinky, and TNG in their native Portland, in addition to appearing as speakers on multiple podcasts and community events. They also assist at the Sex Education and Therapy training taught by their Alma Mater, ISEE. Upcoming classes are scheduled at Pan Eros in Seattle as well as Leather Reign 13.

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti is a poet, public speaker, panelist, singer, photographer, performance artist and long-time artist’s model, as well as a former fundamentalist Christian and cult member. She is also a breast cancer survivor. In fact, it was the cancer diagnosis in 2013 that helped her realize how short life is; this served as the catalyst that caused her to come out as sex-positive, bisexual and polyamorous. Most importantly, it helped her to finally set boundaries and refuse to accept shabby treatment (especially shaming) from others. She is very much interested in helping others identify shame, recognize shaming behavior, and finally, to transcend shame. She lives in Seattle, WA.


BossBoar is a polyamorous dominant who combines years as a martial artist and paramedic with a passion for amateur psychology and generally terrible things. He has been described as an “hardcore sadist,” “you motherfucker,” and “oh god, please no no no!” He calls the San Francisco Bay Area BDSM scene home, and regularly volunteers his time at parties and events. He draws from his professional and personal experiences to create classes that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. He has previously presented for the SF Citadel,, SF Foundations, and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.

Q Wilson

Q is a self-identified queer, gender independent, polyamorous leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. He can often be found with a charming smile on his face or looking mischievous with the other bois. On rare occasions, this boi might even be found dancing on a table, for the right amount of money…for charity of course!

A social justice activist for more than 20 years, Q consistently strives to bring together the various communities to which he belongs. He continues to seek avenues to actively serve as a bridge for the leather community’s kinky newcomers and it’s more established members, as well as those outside of the community, whenever possible.

The Goddess Indigo never thought of herself as a ‘dominant;” people simply were delighted to do as she requested, such as when she transformed her very first boyfriend into a house-slave decades before discovering the term “BDSM” online. That initial Authority Transfer, coupled with a voracious appetite for knowledge, launched her spiritual odyssey into M/s. 

The Goddess (an international educator with a unique brand of irreverent humor) engages in a wide range of shenanigans. She ran the largest gathering of human equines in the U.S. (Camp Crucible) & relishes emceeing events. She co-directs MAsT Austin; founded a Female-Led Dynamic group (MAsT Austin DOMINA SIG); and chairs Austin’s ‘Authority-Imbalanced Dynamics’ monthly discussion munch. Previously, she was the host of “The Leather Line” radio show (KPFT, FM 90.1-Houston). TGI’s performance art has graced stages including Art Erotica & IMsL. 

The Goddess is Matriarch of the Leather Family Genus Indigo & owns Dr. Bob; her slave and force-multiplier. She humbly appreciates the continued requests to teach about her own personal passion, sustainable female-led dynamics. 


Fet : TheGoddessIndigo
Facebook : TheGoddess Indigo
Based in Austin, TX