Camas, Washington, United States


Pink is a nonbinary queer service oriented leather femme, piggy masochist, rope bunny, and enthusiastic bottom. With over twenty years in the BDSM community and performing arts, Pink has explored and enjoyed all types of various perversions. They have served their community as Northwest slave 2011, founding member of the San Francisco girls of Leather, SF Citadel staff, and volunteered through the Bay Area Leather Alliance, The Society of Janus, and The Exiles. They have taught classes both locally and internationally at several venues including Shibaricon, NWLC, Folsom Fringe, SELF, Indigeo, Dark Odyssey, Westcoast Bound, and Winter Wickedness. On the lighter side, Pink enjoys everything sparkly, pushing their limits, hot boots, and anything pink.


Serving with Grace: Positions and Movements

Would you like to please your D type? Would you like to make your service more elegant? This class will take you through a brief history, intent and functions of Leather service positions and movement. We will discuss, demonstrate, and practice a variety of different positions for many different body types and abilities, and examine movement and transitions while serving. This class is geared toward Leather service bottoms, and will not cover Gorean positions specifically.

Digging Deep: Pain Processing

This class will explore the body and mind response to pain, and what you can do to process it before, during and after a scene. How do you identify your pain preferences? How do you find new ways to process the myriad sensations of pain and pleasure during a scene? In this class we will focus on learning to process pain in ways that can enrich the scene experience for both the top and the bottom. Come ready to listen, discuss and explore.