Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Peter Tupper

Peter Tupper is a Vancouver, BC writer and historian. He is a two-time winner of the National Leather Association's Geoff Mains award for non-fiction, a co-founder of Metro Vancouver Kink, and author of A Lover's Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism (2018). He has presented at events across North America on the history of BDSM. He blogs at


The History of female dominance and male submission

For thousands of years, the figure of the dominant woman has been both feared and desired by men, from the Greek myth of Circe transforming men into beasts to television's Xena: Warrior Princess. But the dominatrix has always walked a knife edge between empowerment and exploitation. Evolving ideas of masculinity have also changed the view of the submissive male, from chivalrous protector to perverse clown.