Missouri, United States


OkieNawa (or Okie) has a passion for both Western and Japanese style rope bondage. He has been a leather titleholder as well as a leather contest producer. He has studied kinbaku in Japan and in the United States.Okie helped to found the following groups: Kinbaku OKC, Kinbaku KCMO and Rope Bite KCMO. He has presented, judged or performed at over 100 BDSM, Leather or Rope events since 1999. For the last few years, he has taken on the role of mentor, (aka old guy) and spends time mentoring a few, but being a resource to others.


Bondage for Connection and Flow

Expectations are first communicated verbally, verbal communication becomes implicit, implicit communication becomes habits, habits become norms and norms become ways to communicate without talking. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss concrete approaches to build connection and experience flow. The class will apply flow motivation theory to explain the process. Although the class is based on an academic concept the lecture will last 10-15 minutes and the rest of the class will be hands-on learning. The activities can be completed with or without rope. If you bring rope you will need 1-2 hanks of role between 22-25 feet or 7 - 8 meters. The diameter should be 1/4 to 3/8 inches or 4-6 mm. Tying with a partner is idea, but it isn't necessary,

The Worst Hip Harness Everyone Needs to Know

The purpose of this class is to examine the concept of a functional hip harness and modify it to include ideas that may fit the needs of the individual being tied. Four ropes at approximately 8 meters (25-30 ft.) with a diameter of 5-6 mm (1/4-3/8 inches) will be needed.