Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Morgan is a full-spectrum doula, hot femme bootblack, and sexual health advocate & educator, living in Vancouver, BC. She joined the scene in 2018 as a submissive, and with the mentorship of chosen family and community elders, continues to find herself in leather & service-oriented power exchange.

Morgan is the co-curator of BlackChat; an intergenerational project of gatherings, community field trips, and podcasting. BlackChat is dedicated to the healing of Black people across turtle island.

Morgan’s work is in service to the communities who hold her. She looks at sex & BDSM through a lens informed by sociopolitical power structures, and each person’s individual experiences with systemic oppression. As a coach, she works predominantly with people under 30, new to kink, exploring their desires and sexuality, and/or working through some intimacy stuff.

She is an artist, healer, and abolitionist who challenges the status quo. Intergenerational collaboration and imagining futures are key values in Morgan's work.


Interrogating Desire

It is often that the deep dark root of our desires is what makes them so damn hot. But what happens when we haven't interrogated what fuels these desires?

In this workshop, we discuss the importance of self-interrogation, why it's best to do so before (and after) we play with others, and explore some of the deep dark roots of our own kinky curiosities.

Sometimes that root is darker or more fucked up than we expected. Sometimes this is okay and adds to the deliciousness, and sometimes, it's something we aren't yet comfortable with. Acquiring consent from ourselves is just as important as the consent of others you are playing with.