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Mollena Lee Williams-Haas is the Kink Doula. Kink Doula is the culmination of over 25 years of life lived exploring the Leather, Kink and BDSM lifestyles…as well as the integration of over 53 years of life lived to the fullest. Mollena fervently believe that so much of what we do in BDSM, Kink and Leather is of benefit to everyone! As the Kink Doula, her mission and calling is to share as much as she possibly can, and in doing so, facilitate for others the rebirth and growth that she has herself experienced through Kink.

Exploring kink since 1993, active in BDSM and the Leather Community since 1996, Mollena has presenting classes since 1998, and speaking at Leather, BDSM and Kink events across the US, Europe and Canada on many Leather and BDSM focused topics. Mollena has offered teachings on Kink, BDSM and Leather to such august institutions of higher learning as SF State and Cal State, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stamford, University of Chicago, and Brown. Mollena is extremely proud to have served as International Ms Leather 2010 and Ms. San Francisco Leather 2009.

She is the author of the "Toybag Guide: Taboo Play," and co-authored, "Playing Well With Others: Your Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities" which is fast becoming the "go-to guide" for those curious about Alternative Lifestyles. Mollena is the host of the podcast “All that & Mo” where she blends two of her passions, Kink and storytelling.

As the Kink Doula, Mollena offers a verity of online workshops, group retreats and private coaching. Find out more about Mollena and her work at

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Georg Friedrich

Georg Friedrich Haas is a famous Austrian composer, Professor of Music at Columbia University in New York, and spousemiester and owner of Mollena Williams-Haas. Together they live in a public kinky relationship they have craved for 40 years: She is his 'slave' and muse, he is her master - a combination that pushes many people's buttons, but one they wouldn't have any other way.


Oftentimes, we hear of dominants and masters placing a potential submissive or slave “under consideration:” this indicating that there is a trial period where the dominant type person gauges suitability and decides whether or not the s-type person is “worthy” of the honor of being owned. But what about the other way around? Is it not also the responsibility of the submissive or slave to ascertain “worthiness,” insure the are giving themselves over to a suitable partner, and ready to take this important step?

Finding a good match in the Default World is tough. Adding on the layer of PE (Power Exchange) dynamics can make this a truly overwhelming prospect. It is vital that submissives and slaves take a responsible, clear-eyed approach to negotiation submission and slavery. In this session, we will discuss the role of self-esteem in choosing the best dominant or master for you

• What the “Prime Directive” is and what it means to you,
• Identifying and maintaining your core identity
• Negotiation for mutually assured success.

You, dear submissive and slave, are your most valuable commodity: are you taking care to hand yourself over to someone who will care for you?

If you have ever had a scene that lured you with the promise of edgy intensity, but wondered if you could handle the situation before, during or afterward, this discussion is for you! We will explore the reasons some people enjoy play that is VERY edgy psychologically, emotionally and physically, and how you can go about making that fantasy a reality. Inherent in this discussion is the level of responsibility of both / all partners, how to manage risk, and how you can support your partner in the aftermath. Edgy play can be hot, and we will look at ways to avoid some common pitfalls, as well as how to recover with grace and honor when things go off of the planned path.

*Please be advised: Some highly controversial scenes (i.e. racial or incest play, weaponry, etc.) will be discussed. Please do not attend if these are outside of your comfort zone. Thank you.

Some of us come into the world of Leather, Kink and BDSM young and fresh-faced, some after many decades of searching, and everything in-between. It isn’t uncommon for someone with more years in the trenches to partner with someone with greater experience. This is often seen as good and right….until you have a submissive or slave with more experience than their dominant and owner. It can be a question of ego, of protocol of perception, of pride, but it can be tough as hell to feel as though your slave, your sub, your bottom, is calling the shots because they have a greater breadth of experience!

Join Herr Meister, new to the BDSM community but a veteran of a lifetime of longing – and Mollena, a lifelong freak and 20+ year veteran of Power Exchange relationship, to explore how you can navigate this minefield, what happens when you step on the inevitable ego grenade, and how truly beautiful trust and love can be, regardless of whether you wear your hanky on the left, right or middle!