Palm Springs, California, United States

Master PlaineJane

Master PlaineJane has been active in the Atlanta BDSM community for almost fifteen years. As an enthusiastic Event Coordinator & Educator, PlaineJane is a strong advocate for promoting and producing educational events for and within the BDSM and Leather communities. Master PlaineJane Jane is the Director and Organizer of MAsT: Marietta Women and F.L.A.I.R. (Female Led Authority Inspired Relationships) which offers educational Intensives for different faucets of the BDSM Lifestyle. She is also the Board Secretary of the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC). Her area of interest and experience includes service, domination and discipline, impact play, dragon's tails, high protocol, power exchange from both sides of the slash, humiliation & degradation, chemical play, genitorture and of course Male on Male Action... to name a few.