Portland, Oregon, United States


Maeve McBride (she/they), is a clinical herbalist, green witch, published writer (Sexy Tea Service), and educator who has been exploring the intersections of kink, sacred sex, plants, and magick for nearly 20 years.

A fun, sensual, compassionate, switch-witch, Maeve enjoys empowering folx of all persuasions to find their own sacred selves using mind/body techniques, plant preparations, manifestation tools, goal setting, and anatomy geekery; to explore their bodies, heal trauma and shame, and dive into to the depths of their desires. She enjoys teaching classes, working with clients in private consultation, and formulating plant potions for health, vitality, healing, and pleasure.

Maeve loves working with newbies, people with trauma histories that inhibit their sexual joy, exhausted parents, enthusiastic consenters, folx who experience chronic pain, disability, and illness that effects their pleasure, and anyone who wants to improve their erotic lives.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, her personal pleasures include gardening naked, dancing around a fire all night, rescuing animals of all sorts, camping, singing, telling naughty jokes, and reading tarot cards, listing things in sentence form with lots of commas...and of course... KINK!


Light Me Up: Exploring Energy and Sensation

Learn techniques to create heightened sensations and states of consciousness in the physical, emotional, and energetic body. Energetic exchange is a powerful element in any erotic encounter. In many kinky play sessions quite often, much emphasis is given to D/s dynamics, intensity and frequency of impacts, or the tension and pull of bondage and rope to set the scene. This class will introduce you to the more subtle arts of sensing, reading, and consciously working with energy, which can be done alone or in combination with other forms of play for hotter and more intensely pleasurable experiences. Learn how to direct your attention, intention, and the intensity of sensations to (often ignored) areas of the body, dive deeper into erotic embodiment, increase the energy of a scene and your overall satisfaction with scenes.

In this class you will learn several energy work techniques and be introduced to non-traditional ways of using common kink toys (such as sensation toys and electroplay) to engage the nervous system and affect the production of the hormones that send us into subspace, topspace, and euphoria . Topics covered can quickly increase satisfaction with your impact and sensation play and create heightened states of consciousness in the physical, emotional, and energetic body. Maeve will be joined by a very special guest to assist her with this class, Mistress Viola Parker!

Reading the Body

What do all the moans, groans, body movements and changes in breathing patterns in your partner mean? We can't be mind readers, but we can read bodies! In this class you learn a systematic approach to "reading" the subtle (and not so subtle) vocalizations and body language of your play partners to help you determine how to proceed and engage more mindfully in your scenes and play. We will also explore different techniques and adjustments to make in-scene to shift energy into higher or lower gear, adjust circumstance quickly to soothe an overstimulated partner, and techniques to manipulate and meter out the pulses, pace, and pivots of a scene to send you and your partner(s) deeper into ecstasy.

And with MxBliss

Trauma-Informed Kink

Whether intervening in the dungeon, seeing your friend in shock after a scene gone bad, taking a call from your partner after they have been sexually assaulted, or supporting a friend in a messy D/s breakup, it is not uncommon to see kinksters harmed or hurt (nonconsensually) in kink. The purpose of this class is to provide attendees with tools to assist and support people who are in a state of trauma and is especially helpful for people who serve as kink “first responders” (like DMs).

We’ll start with a basic explanation of what ‘trauma-informed intervention’ is and why it’s especially important for kinksters. Then we will go over some basic ways to identify what trauma or dysregulation looks like in the context of BDSM including how to distinguish ‘subspace’ from states of shock. Then through scenarios/hypotheticals, we will share some examples of when such issues may arise and methods to support people who have been harmed in ways that minimize the likelihood of deepening wounds, ascertaining information so you can serve as an effective first responder, and how to show up as a supportive friend/partner. We will also cover how to recognize trauma/dysregulated states in oneself and provide self soothing tips so that you can more effectively seek/find safety and support. We will end the session in smaller group breakouts so that you can form hypothetical support squads and practice the skills.