Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Ladyfish & Fisherman

Ladyfish is the Founder and Executive Director of Sagacity of Victoria, the longest-running registered kink/fetish/alternative lifestyle non-profit society in British Columbia. She met her Fisherman online in 1996 and moved from upstate New York in 1999 to be with him. They were married in 2002 and live in Victoria, British Columbia with visiting kids, grandkids, and cats. Ladyfish is an editor and co-owner of Fishability Inc. She has been wiggling her now wrinkly fins in the BDSM water for years, enjoys many facets of kink, and is probably the oldest woman ever invited to “hang” from the ceiling at Victoria art shows.

Fisherman has an MBA in knowledge management, he is a consummate geek, and is the other half of Fishability Inc. He is also a Founder of Sagacity and has presented workshops on everything from rope to BDSM 101. Besides being very adept at whips and ropes, Fisherman is a Master of putting up with never-ending peccadilloes of Ladyfish. For a grandpa, he still looks pretty hot in a kilt…with or without his Sponge Bob undies.

Ladyfish and Fisherman have made friends and contacts all over the world and are dedicated to spreading the word about the joys and humor of kink and the BDSM lifestyle! In 2017, they were humbled and honoured to be inducted into Mama’s Family in Leather (“Mama’s Canadian Fisherman” and “Mama’s Canadian Ladyfish”). Mama’s Family has leather family members in over 44 states and provinces and in over 4 countries internationally. Over the years, the Fishes have had the honor of presenting at Western Canada Power Exchange, Wicked in the West, Paradise Unbound, the University of Victoria, Camosun College, the University of Winnipeg, Lupercalia-Edmonton, the CSPC, Westward Bound, BIO of Vancouver, the Conference of Kink, Cornucopia, and Susan James Inc.


Older & Wiser: The Inevitability of Age Play

Just like Ancient Mariner, kinksters get old too. Their paddles get creaky, their whips get frayed, and their bobbers stop bobbing.

Now that there are more and more BDSMers staring at the Harpoon of Age, it’s time to take a look at some of the changes that we have to make in order to weather the storm with humility and grace...or at least with a minimum of embarrassment.

Ladyfish and Fisherman are sexagenarians and proud of it. They happily invite you to join them as they troll the waters of getting older in a lifestyle that is a veritable school of challenges including nudity and gravity, arthritis, thinning hair, hearing aids, and narcolepsy. They’ll share a few tips (and a few laughs) based on their 25+ year D/s commitment to each other and to the lifestyle.

Oh...and you young kinksters that think this workshop is just for old-timers? Ummm...think again! Before you can say “deviant diapers and dentures” your minnow days will be over and you’ll be dropping scales and floating downstream just like the rest of us!