Seattle, Washington, United States


Kasm is a queer, kinky switch and self-tier based out of Seattle, who started in rope in 2017. They have been a rope instructor for 4 years and have presented at conventions such as Kinkfest and Desert Bound. In the classroom they prioritize personalized instruction and building an environment that is safe to flail in. In their personal practice they enjoy physical and emotional movement, playful exploration, meditative endurance, and auto-masochism.


Microbondage: Tying Fingers, Faces & Toes

Tying delicate structures can require a delicate touch, but there are few things as satisfying. We’ll cover the basics on how to tie fingers and toes to avoid injury, and teach a collection of the best structured micro-bondage ties we’ve picked up from all over. This class is lecture, demo, and tying.

Tengu: A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Demon Tie

Tengu harnesses come in a variety of patterns, all accomplishing the same shape: hands up by shoulders, and arms tied in against the body. This class covers the basics of the shape, how to use it in play (both on the ground and in suspension), and how to tie one of the common suspension-worthy patterns. This class is a combination of lecture, demo, and hands on tying.

Painful Rope: Sadistic Ties, Processing & Safety Concerns

Rope can be a sadist’s best friend. From quick and easy painful ties, to slow and deliberate torture, this class will cover some basic ties for inflicting pain on your partner, and some of the safety risks associated with this style of tying. We'll discuss different kinds of pain, from skin to muscle to bone, and will also discuss pain processing, from a bottoming perspective, and how to stay safe while suffering. This class is lecture, demo, and hands-on tying.