Portland, Oregon, United States


HitchinKitten (she/they/it) is a kitten-ish rope witch and sadomasochistic switch that likes her kink to be whimsically delicious. Her kink is connection, and rope is the path she takes to get there. Her approach to rope focuses on movement, foundational concepts, and functionality to encourage accessible, connective, and collaborative improvisation in rope practice and beyond. HK is also the facilitator of Hitchin’ Bitches PDX (Portland, Or), and provides private and group rope instruction, as well as tastings at events.


Self-Tying as Ritual and Practice

Calling all self-tying enthusiasts and those who have yet to try it! Join Hitchin’ Kitten to explore self-tying as both a great way to practice rope, and as ritual connecting to self and others. Self-tying can inform both topping and bottoming perspectives, improve rope handling skills, and encourage creative thinking in rope. We will review safety, self-tying considerations, and expanding self-tying into tying with/to others.

Topics covered will include: self-tying safety, tips and tricks for self-tying, creating/incorporating ritual into self-tying, self-tying with/to others and things and resources for self-tying.

Class Considerations and Suggested Supplies: +2-3 hanks of 30 ft rope, ~6mm is recommended), knowledge of single and double column ties is useful, but not required, partnering for ties is still an option.

Now with Feeling: The Art of Untying

How we tie and untie are integral processes for creating connection and expressing intention in our scenes. We will explore how body manipulation, rope handling, and intensity can be used to craft rope experiences that are emotive, connective, and engaging for those in and out of rope. This class will also explore components of stagecraft for folks who are interested in public scenes and performance.

Chest harnesses are versatile ties for your ropey tool box. This class will cover uses of hands-free chest harnesses, safety, and structural considerations of self-tied and partnered-tied chest harnesses.

We will cover one patterned tie: the reserve tension chest harness, which can be self-tied or tied on a partner. We will also introduce other common structures of chest harnesses, ways of adding additional support, and adapting our harness to different bodies. Using this information, we will experiment with creating our own hands-free chest harnesses!