Welcome to Westcoast Bound 2023 Event Details

Here is where you can find all the details about the host hotel, the amenities that will be on site and details about accessibility at Westcoast Bound. Please also take a read of the Code of Conduct and the Dungeon Rules so you know what to expect…and what we expect of you!

Get to know our presenters


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Okie Nawa

Missouri, United States

Peter Tupper

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


San Francisco, California, United States

Marla Renee Stewart

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Wiley Wolfe

Los Angeles, California, United States

Anton Fulmen

Sacramento, California, United States

DaddyCrone / Leenie

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Q Wilson

Oakland, California, United States


Portland, Oregon, United States


Portland, Oregon, United States

Cegregia, Kasia & Sloane

Vancouver, British Columbia, United States

Ladyfish & Fisherman

Portland, Oregon, United States

Ticket Prices


Tier 1 tickets

$16816tax included
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Tier 2 tickets

$19600tax included
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Tier 3 tickets

$22385tax included
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Host Hotel

Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre Coquitlam
405 North Road, Coquitlam, BC