An accessibility audit has been completed and can be viewed here.  A summary of this information is contained in the event posting.

We will also be addressing seating needs on an as needed basis.  If seating is an issue for you, we are able to provide alternative options, such as comfortable mats for the floor or bringing in comfortable seating for those who require it.  Please contact us if this reflects your situation.

Sign Language

We will have a sign language interpreter available throughout the weekend.  This individual will sign for the opening ceremonies, the panel discussions and one class during each time slot.  If a need presents itself, we will hire further staff to accommodate the needs of our attendees.  Please contact us if this is a need we can meet for you.

Scent Sensitivity

All events produced by MVK are scent reduced.  We encourage participants to avoid heavy scents when attending classes or events at Westcoast Bound.