Sir Tee & little kitsune

Sir Tee & little kitsune

Sir Tee and little kitsune live in a long term (over 28 years) 24/7 Master/slave, Consensual Non-Consent dynamic. They began their Dynamic without the support of a community or resources and developed their M/s over decades of trial and error. As result they have a strong appreciation for the foundation education and a healthy Power Exchange Community can provide.
Sir Tee identifies as a Butch IBPOC Leather Person who uses He/She pronouns and little kitsune is Japanese Canadian Leather girl. Together, they are the founders and Directors of the MAsT: Greater Vancouver chapter in Vancouver B.C., Canada.

Active in the community, Sir Tee and little kitsune produced the 2020 and 2021 Pacific Rim Power Exchange (virtual) Conference and have presented extensively at a variety of in-person and virtual International conferences across Canada and the U.S. (e.g. KinkFest, Leather Reign, Wicked in the West, Pandemonium in the Prairies, MsC, Service Oriented Conference and In Leather We Trust). They have also hosted a number of weekend education intensives, led community fundraising events, and worked on several committees for conferences.

Both have been honoured to serve as judges for the Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) title competition (in 2019 Sir Tee served as Head Judge and in 2018 little kitsune was a judge). In 2023 little kitsune was a judge at the North East Regional M/s contest at MsC.

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Birch Room

Imposter Syndrome

Whether new or experienced, imposter syndrome can, at times, undermine our beliefs, sense of self, attitudes, and personal confidence (in our abilities, skills, knowledge, etc.). This class is a deep dive into the subversive internal voice of self-doubt and explores how, when left unchecked, it can create real challenges to our identities and relationships - especially when we bring it into our Power Exchange dynamics. Join us as we explore imposter syndrome - from both sides of the slash; we will review strategies for recognizing it, potential sources, the impact on the self and the dynamic, and approaches to address imposter syndrome.

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Communication Protocols

This discussion explores approaches for developing effective communication protocols to help foster healthy and effective communication within a Dynamic. Drawing on decades of experience, this a deep dive into establishing and putting into practice a framework for responding to challenges and obstacles to create space for effective conversations within a Power Exchange structure. Healthy communication is essential to deepening trust, aligning wills to a common goal, reinforcing a Dynamic’s structure, and building a sustainable dynamic.