Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Epic Rope

We offer you…

The highest quality Shibari bondage rope, hand treated and dyed to provide the optimum look and feel as it glides across the body. Its texture will stimulating the passion of Kinbaku. Its shine will inspiring creativity in your bondage photography and make your performance bondage stand out. And don't forget lighthearted fun – it's all about the fun, after all.
Choose from jute bondage rope, hemp bondage rope , or premium japanese jute rope, natural or in a wide range of colors.
Our rope bondage suspension gear is first rate. As with our rope, we seek to offer you a wide selection of colors and options, to best customize your artistic vision and rigging needs.
For those just starting out, we offer excellent Shibari educational books, so that you can tie like the masters in no time.