Room of Requirements

Intro to creating rope scenes – Kasia and Sloane

In this class, we will explore some basic concepts and techniques in rope bondage. These are fundamental building blocks for rope, but they are also fun to explore on their own! This class will show how to use these elements to create fantastic and engaging scenes without needing complicated patterns.

Bring 2-3 ropes (between 6-9m each).

You can bring a partner to tie with, or practice on yourself.

Intro to aesthetic rope bondage – Kasia & Sloane

Rope bondage can be fun and torturous, but it can also be artistic and visually appealing. In this class, we will explore some basic ties that feel good and please the eye. We will demonstrate how to make ties suit each body using symmetry and careful placement.

Bring 3 ropes (between 6-9m).

We recommend you bring a partner, but you can do some exercises on yourself. 

A Lover’s Pinch: The History of Sadomasochism – Peter Tupper

A worldwide subculture that influences everything from fashion to advertising, sadomasochism has a long and lively history. Peter Tupper reveals the true story of sadism and masochism, dominance and submission, from a controversial religious practice to a secretive sexuality branded a perversion. The origins of kink and fetish culture have been shrouded in secrecy and myths, until now. 

From the ancient Christian flagellants to the Fifty Shades trilogy, the history of consensual sadomasochism is a story of fascinating individuals, unlikely connections and strange twists and turns. Meet Arthur Munby, the Victorian gentleman who secretly married Hannah Cullwick, his maid of all work, and called her his slave; and Jack McGeorge, the UN weapons inspector who was outed as a BDSM club leader just before the Iraq war. Explore the links between Robinson Crusoe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and modern BDSM pornography, and between fetish fashion and anti-Catholic propaganda. Learn how the 19th century middle-class household nurtured dominant-submissive sexuality. Discover the secret history of a hidden world.

Are You Willing?… for the Left of the Slash – DaddyCrone

I found many years ago that, as one on the left side of the slash I too needed moments of surrender. To release that which no longer serves me or to embrace my strength in vulnerability. This is an opportunity to take that journey in a safe environment. This dance would not be surrendering or bottoming to me. It would be a dance of release and freedom for You! Through the years of facilitating the whip workshop, I have always been especially humbled, when another Top/Dominant has stood in the center of the room to experience and embrace their humanity.

Love Your Gender and I will love mine – DouxPapa / Hawk

I invite folks to bring their questions and stories to share.  I hope to create a safe space for folks to ask all those questions that you have, and yes, even those not necessarily “politically correct” questions too.  I encourage people who are on their own gender exploration to come and share their experiences and stories.

Some of the topics that may be covered:  What does *Transgender mean? What is Cis-Gender?  So you mis-gendered someone, now what do you do? What’s the big deal if I mis-gender you?  What words do you use for body parts? What do all those letters mean GLBTQIA! / AFAB/ AMAB?  How to be an ally.