She / Her

Daijah Onyx

Daijah Flames (pronounced Day-Jah) is a bootblack based in NJ and originally from NY. Daijah is a member of Onyx Pearls NY NE and is a leather middle. Daijah is known for both her skills as a budding fire top and bootblack. Daijah has bootblacked at spaces such as Submit NYC, Low Key Kink, Sanctuary Events, IMsLBB, SheMagik Events, The ColosseumNY, and the NJ Leather Family Beer Bust. Daijah has a special love for suede and nubuck care as she wants all materials to experience the love of a bootblack even those considered a little bratty such as herself. She does her best to expand her knowledge to many kinds of materials and shares her skills with others on her TikTok channel. When Daijah is not bootblacking she loves traveling, watching movies and YouTube, hosting munches, and spending time with loved ones. She is bubbly, pansexual, panromantic, polyamorous, and always down to be your demo bottom.