Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cegregia, Kasia & Sloane

Cegregia, Kasia, and Sloane are a trio of Vancouver-based switches who learn, teach, and practice rope bondage together.

Their collaboration is defined by curiosity, humour, and a slightly dubious willingness to try anything once "for science". You can find them in any crowd if you just follow the cackles.

They specialize in making rope approachable, accessible, and adaptable for every body.

Cegregia (she/her)
Kasia (they/she)
Sloane (she/they)


Not Your Average Intro Class

So you're ready to try this "rope" thing, and you want a place to start. We'll give you the tools you need!

In this class, you will learn the building blocks you need to start tying. But more importantly, you'll leave knowing that you can have FUN while you're learning.

No experience required. Partnered pairs and self tyers welcome.

So You Wanna Try That…

So you really wanna try that super cool thing you saw on the internet, but you (or your partner) can't physically be in that super cool thing. We've got you covered.

This class is all about creative collaboration. We'll walk you through the process of adapting ties that you already know, then you'll try the process for yourself. You'll work through examples, then get a chance to test your ideas in the air.

Suspension experience required. Partnered pairs and self suspenders welcome.