Boise, Idaho, United States

Cactus Cult Leather

(I promise I just like alliterations; this isn't actually a cult)

I am a one woman owned and operated luxury eco-friendly intimates shop based out of Boise, Idaho. All of the items found in the shop are either plant based or made out of repurposed materials.

I combined my passions for kink, creation, and the environment to create Cactus Cult. I am looking to break the stereotypes of dark red/black BDSM and instead take a more natural and organic approach to power play and its adornments. I create both casual and lingerie styles of pieces for every occasion.

There can be a lot of hesitation around 'vegan' materials, and we can blame the fast fashion industry for that, but the vegan leather used in my shop is made of actual cacti!

I use Desserto Cactus Leather - an earth friendly company based out of Mexico. Their leather is supple, sturdy, and long lasting. Because its made of cactus fibers, it takes very little water to produce and creates 20 times less greenhouse gas emissions than animal leather processing. Plus, it is completely cruelty free!

Take a look around - I hope you see something you like, but if not, feel free to message me for custom orders!

Thank you for being here!