Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Black Widow Floggers

Welcome to Black Widow Floggers, makers of custom floggers, cat-o-nines, cuffs, collars and much more. You can create your custom flogger or message BWF directly with your ideas and we'll work with you to make it into a reality. We offer the opportunity to make a toy or accessory (collars/cuffs) that are uniquely you by customizing toy style, fall material, length, handle colours and styles, and adding personal details such as leather stamping and themes that can be carried over throughout your BWF designs and craft orders.

BWF offers the following product types and services!

Custom & Ready to Ship items
Handles - leather, paracord and corset laced with inlay
Floggers - leathers, rubber, fabric, chain and more
Cat 'o Nines - braided rubber, leather or horse hair
Cuffs, collars, leashes, hog tie clips - wide variety of leather colours and styles, can also be custom stamped
Vegan floggers - fabric, vinyl, synthetic suede, paracord and rubber
Dragon's Tongues & Tails - Leather and rubber in short length, full length, traditional and unique double/multi-tongue styles
Paddles, straps, supercrops - hand stitched with roo leather
Tiny Terrors - a ready to ship section of completely unique and often sadistic toys that are unlike anything else you'll see in the dungeon