South Amboy, New Jersey, United States

BoundToFly & NJWaterDog

BoundToFly is an out Gay Leatherman and HIV Activist who has found his passion in Shibari aka Japanese rope bondage. His roots are in the gay Leather world and considering his passion for rock climbing, it seems inevitable that rope bondage would be a natural fit. But it took the passion, energy and connection of Shibari and Kinbaku for it to click. He’s privileged to share his life with NJWaterDog and to dance between the gay Leather and pansexual BDSM worlds, as well as between the NY/NJ and Philadelphia scenes. BoundToFly is the creator of NJ Rope Lab (a munch, rope social and skill share), NJ Rope Space (classes and events) and is also the facilitator of the TES Rope Bondage group. He may be found out and about at play parties, performing, or teaching for where he flags red Jute left.

NJWaterDog was introduced (seduced?) to kink by his partner BoundToFly over 10 years ago and identifies as a sensualist who loves rope bondage. As a Type A personality in vanilla life, the power exchange and surrender is especially appealing. He collaborates with BoundToFly in teaching rope bondage and is a co-facilitator of NJ Rope Lab.


S(He) Ain’t so Small: Tying More Than Petite Females

Shibari is full of exciting visual images of petite women, tied or suspended in various difficult poses. What happens if your bottom isn’t quite so flexible? If they aren’t so light? Or they are really Tall? What happens if “she” has a more “male” body? Or they identify as non-binary or male? This demo class deals with the realities that most of us face - our bottoms ain’t so small or don’t fall into that “feminine ideal” or want to be feminized in that tie?

Topics include: modifying our ties for heavier folks, inflexible folks, hair rope on very short hair, suspending heavier people, translating that hot Feminine image to work with other bodies.

Learn how to arouse, tempt and tease your partner! In this partner-oriented class, we’ll go over the basics for how to restrain your partner then Up the Level by adding the nuances that make bondage Sexy and Hot.

In the first half of the class we’ll be going over the techniques of how to tie and restrain someone. Solo participants can partner up to learn. In the second half we’ll be kicking it into intimate gear so Top/bottom Dom/sub pairs who know each other are recommended. Due to the volume of material, there will not be time to allow each partner to tie.

Bring some soft rope (yes, cotton works for this class) 25-30’ in length, ¼” or 6mm in diameter and other fun things you may like to tie with, like scarves or ties. A yoga mat or cushy big towel is recommended too.

The Takate Kote aka TK has become a staple in the shibari world - with a lot more nerve injuries. This hands on class shows multiple techniques to make the TK safer.