Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Axis Experience is a soft spoken, respectful and respected kinkster from Calgary Alberta. He is also an internationally acclaimed self defence specialist. The study and application of Combative Arts has been an integral part of his life for over 30 years with a focus on situational survival skills and military close quarters combat.

In addition to being a 4th Dan Certified Master Instructor in the Korean art of Tang Soo Do, Axis has immersed himself in studying and gaining incredible proficiency in several practical combative and weapon based martial arts.

His enthusiasm for teaching is immediately apparent and his international workshops have been enjoyed by people from all walks of life and age ranges.

Axis provides specialized workshops for some of the highest ranking martial artists and personal safety instructors around the world, as well as military personnel and peace officers. His main dedication however is giving at-risk individuals and communities practical, effective training.

Every concept or tactic explored in his classes is something he has actually used to survive real situations and confrontations.


The Genuis of Fear

We all have this incredible survival sense available to us and this class explores the opportunities and advantages it provides. Usually cast in a negative light, fear is actually one of our most powerful and positive senses. In a fun and engaging way this class delves into the science and practically of this primal sense. This workshop starts with learning how to recognize and become fully aware of the gifts that fear is giving us in the moment and allowing us to act upon them immediately. We discover and learn how to use this potent awareness for our safety and benefit both in everyday situations and in our play sessions. Then we dive into the fun side and exploring why so many of us have a craving for fear, and how to use our new found knowledge to safely reach new intense sensations.

The Joy of Survival Skills

You might think that this is the workshop where I take my years of knowledge and teach you some simple self defence techniques and safety strategies that are proven to work in high pressure dangerous situations. Well ok, this is exactly that workshop, so good thinking, you nailed it! This is our opportunity to get moving and discover some incredible tactics that your body already knows. Here's something you probably wouldn't expect an instructor to say; I'm not going to teach you anything that you don't already know. That however is the beauty of this workshop and why it is so effective. We will be exploring simple self defence techniques and movements that your body does every single day. The biomechanics, physiology, and psychology underlying these techniques is not only fascinating, but more importantly engaging and fun. Once we play around with some of these concepts we then discover how to utilize this new body confidence and knowledge in our everyday lives and play sessions.