Presenters 2020

Keynote Speaker – Lady Umbra

Lady Umbra is a queer Leatherwoman currently living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, along with her two fur babies. She is Master to her slave, prairie_locked, and they represent the 2018 International Power Exchange and 2017 Western Canada Power Exchange titles. Their 24/7, long-distance Master/slave relationship is built on elements of consensual non-consent, Leather, and spirituality, and they espouse an equitable relationship while maintaining the inequality in their roles through structured protocols and rituals. In the past two years, Lady Umbra and her slave have travelled 45,000 km across North America sharing their passion for power exchange and teaching workshops on bootblacking, humiliation play, and mindfulness.

Being raised in the land of the living skies on the Canadian Prairies where the air has long been congested by social conservatism, Lady Umbra’s first experience with sexual prejudice came in 1995 when she was hospitalized after being assaulted for holding her girlfriend’s hand in public. Instead of succumbing to defeat, Lady Umbra was soon staunchly pushing for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people in Saskatchewan, and in 2010, she played a key role in organizing the TRANSforming Lives Advocacy Project that petitioned the government to have gender expression and gender identity included in the Provincial Human Rights Code. Turning her passion into her profession, Lady Umbra now works as a mental health therapist, volunteers as a mental health educator with several community organizations, continues to advocate for equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people, and is devoted to cultivating women’s empowerment in the BDSM/Leather communities and beyond.

 Lady Umbra co-founded AWAKENS (A Women’s Association for Kinky Education & Networking Saskatoon) in late 2015 to provide a safe space for kinky women to network and empower themselves through education, mutual support, and peer mentorship. This past summer, AWAKENS organized the first multi-day BDSM/Leather event in Saskatchewan’s history. Pandemonium in the Prairies featuring 15 educational workshops and two dungeon parties.  She also founded the Prairie Women’s Network, providing opportunities for women from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to connect with each other. Lady Umbra was honoured to judge the 2019 International Person of Leather Contest and the 2019 Western Canada Bootblack Contest, and she is truly humbled to have received the 2019 Pantheon of Leather (Canadian) Award.

!Kona & Morgan of BlackChat


Morgan is a young Black, kinky, queer femme, full-time activist and part-time artist residing on the stolen ancestral lands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, S’ólh Téméxw, Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw, and səl̓ilwətaɁɬ peoples. 

This time last year, she was being targeted with jube jube laden slingshots by her Aunt, !Kona, and other members of chosen leather family here at WCB. She has been co-curator of the salon series Black Chat for the last 3 years. Running this space out-of-pocket and her home space, this work is a foundational act to counter the constant policing of Black lives, and to shine a light on the importance of intergenerational organizing. She has been a core member and organizer of Black Lives Matter-Vancouver, working to unite the Black community in the lower mainland through art, dance, community conversation and protest, to fight the oppressive forces that be. Morgan works (and plays) through a foundational and intersectional feminist lens that begins with, and centralizes, women of colour, especially queer and trans women of colour.


!Kona is a Vancouver-based artist, writer and activist. Her creative and social justice-oriented work has spanned arts/ cultural, queer, feminist, Leather, and Black communities for over 20 years.

!Kona identifies as a Black, Femme, Leatherdyke, Artist and highly engaged citizen currently existing on the unceded homelands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw and səl̓ilwətaɁɬ peoples. She considers herself part of a stolen people on stolen land. Masquerading as a lower mainland cultural bureaucrat by day, she has a history of compulsively organizing and educating around lives of Queers, BDSM practitioners, and Black folks.

!Kona is known for community development; consulting on organizational culture shift, agitating & advocating in online social spaces; and sometimes acting professionally for film & TV. Through her production company, NubianImpProjects she: hosted the only queer bathhouse night in western Canada for almost a decade; created and held space for the D/s Discussion Salon series later replicated in Seattle; and produced the weekend long D/s Intensive series which featured an internationally recognized community educator at each of the full weekends (appreciation to Mollena, Lee Harrington, Skip Chasey & Rick) For many years she co-disorganized the Bride of Pride Queer play parties and the 2009 Canadian Mayhem conference. She is also the co-creator of the interactive QueeriodicTable art project & experiential installation experienced in both Canada and the States.

Master Rook and slave rook

Master Rook and slave rook are Northwest M/s 2019. They met in 2011 and the power between them was palpable from the start. Through many thought experiments, protocols, google documents, and fucked up scenes, their contract and the limits of their authority exchange was carefully crafted into 24/7 M/s. They have taught together at dozens of events and many ecourses on slave rook is the co-creator and illustrator of The GENDER Book and the game Kinkopoly; Master Rook has written thousands of dirty words for anthologies, columns, and their own site,, under the pen name of Sinclair Sexsmith. They live together in Oakland.


Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Even before joining Seattle’s organized BDSM community in 2005, Naj was exploring kink and introducing others to figging, play piercing, sounding, fisting, and other delights. More recently, they have had the pleasure of presenting for KinkFest in Portland, Dark Odyssey: Surrender in San Francisco, Helsingin Akateemiset Kinkyt in Helsinki, FapCon in Calgary, and more. Naj strives to use their perspective as a nonbinary queer switch to flavor education which is inclusive, nuanced, and creative. For more information or to see where they’ll be teaching next, go to

Katherine and Ray

Dahlia Bloom and Verris are the kink teaching names of Katherine Friedman, LPC and Ray Nelson, NCC. A long time anti-oppression activist, Katherine brings her enthusiasm for understanding power and seeking liberation to her therapy practice and her kink. She is deeply committed to self-expression and creativity, and has been studying, practicing, and teaching embodied mindfulness for 20 years. Ray has been exploring the eroticism of TPE / authority transfer relationships for over a decade. As an educator he is passionate about challenging the prevailing cultural narrative of what constitutes sex, and sexuality. Katherine and Ray are colleagues, kinky pals, and teaching partners. They use their training in holistic sex therapy to bring psychologically minded classes to the kink and Leather communities. Both are therapists working in private practice specializing in individual and relationship counseling for those struggling with Mental Health and Sexual issues. They have taught classes at Leather Reign 12, Colorado State University, Existential-Humanistic Northwest, as well as Close-In Munch, Positively Kinky, and TNG in their native Portland, in addition to appearing as speakers on multiple podcasts and community events. They also assist at the Sex Education and Therapy training taught by their Alma Mater, ISEE. Upcoming classes are scheduled at Pan Eros in Seattle as well as Leather Reign 13.

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti is a poet, public speaker, panelist, singer, photographer, performance artist and long-time artist’s model, as well as a former fundamentalist Christian and cult member. She is also a breast cancer survivor. In fact, it was the cancer diagnosis in 2013 that helped her realize how short life is; this served as the catalyst that caused her to come out as sex-positive, bisexual and polyamorous. Most importantly, it helped her to finally set boundaries and refuse to accept shabby treatment (especially shaming) from others. She is very much interested in helping others identify shame, recognize shaming behavior, and finally, to transcend shame. She lives in Seattle, WA.


BossBoar is a polyamorous dominant who combines years as a martial artist and paramedic with a passion for amateur psychology and generally terrible things. He has been described as an “hardcore sadist,” “you motherfucker,” and “oh god, please no no no!” He calls the San Francisco Bay Area BDSM scene home, and regularly volunteers his time at parties and events. He draws from his professional and personal experiences to create classes that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. He has previously presented for the SF Citadel,, SF Foundations, and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.

Q Wilson

Q is a self-identified queer, gender independent, polyamorous leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. He can often be found with a charming smile on his face or looking mischievous with the other bois. On rare occasions, this boi might even be found dancing on a table, for the right amount of money…for charity of course!

A social justice activist for more than 20 years, Q consistently strives to bring together the various communities to which he belongs. He continues to seek avenues to actively serve as a bridge for the leather community’s kinky newcomers and it’s more established members, as well as those outside of the community, whenever possible.

Goddess Indigo

The Goddess Indigo never thought of herself as a ‘dominant;” people simply were delighted to do as she requested, such as when she transformed her very first boyfriend into a house-slave decades before discovering the term “BDSM” online. That initial Authority Transfer, coupled with a voracious appetite for knowledge, launched her spiritual odyssey into M/s. 

The Goddess (an international educator with a unique brand of irreverent humor) engages in a wide range of shenanigans. She ran the largest gathering of human equines in the U.S. (Camp Crucible) & relishes emceeing events. She co-directs MAsT Austin; founded a Female-Led Dynamic group (MAsT Austin DOMINA SIG); and chairs Austin’s ‘Authority-Imbalanced Dynamics’ monthly discussion munch. Previously, she was the host of “The Leather Line” radio show (KPFT, FM 90.1-Houston). TGI’s performance art has graced stages including Art Erotica & IMsL. 

The Goddess is Matriarch of the Leather Family Genus Indigo & owns Dr. Bob; her slave and force-multiplier. She humbly appreciates the continued requests to teach about her own personal passion, sustainable female-led dynamics. 

Fet : TheGoddessIndigo
Facebook : TheGoddess Indigo
Based in Austin, TX


Mr. Badass Canes (aka TrailMastr) has been involved in the kink community for over 40 year.   He’s been active in Edmonton for the past 5 years and spent over 20 years in Vancouver where he is one of the founders of the Vancouver DM Team. His multi-faceted commitment to community spans decades.

He has presented a variety of workshops throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State.  In recent years all of his energy has gone into converting as many people as possible into canes enthusiasts. TrailMastr believes canes are hands down the most versatile tool in any kinkster’s toy bag.  Being a great story-teller, his workshops are chock full of practical and creative information – delivered in a fun and energetic way. You will not only learn – you will be entertained.

He is a strong believer that community can only grow and flourish if people share their energy, knowledge and passion and has been a strong supporter of MVK since its inception.

TrailMastr identifies as a Leather Sadist and shares his passion with his slave Monique.   He is also a proud member of Mama’s International Leather family (Mama’s Canadian Cane Master) and was recently humbled to receive his Master’s Cap from his chosen leather family.


A native of New York City and a former resident of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Mollena initially found her freaky feet in the Bay Area and quickly became an active part of the Leather and BDSM scene.

Upon observing the scarcity of instruction from fellow submissives and the lack of racial diversity within the scene in general, she was motivated to strive towards shifting this paradigm. Within two years of active participation in the scene, she began lecturing and conducting classes, and quickly became nationally sought-after as a result of her unflinching look at rarely discussed and deeply divisive topics such as race-play, submissive rights, and the value of taboo / edgeplay.

Her outreach is not limited to her work within the community. Her first solo show, “69Stories: One Pervert’s Tale” was produced by San Francisco’s Crowded Fire Theatre Company, of which she’s a founding member. This show has been revived across the USA and Europe over two decades and was a major channel for BDSM outreach via performing arts. She continues this outreach through her professional storytelling, where she shares her journey in BDSM with international audiences on shows including “RISK!” and “Bawdy Storytelling.” She lectures college and university students on BDSM through the lens of consent and negotiation, and shares how non-kink-identified humans can greatly benefit from using the model of scene-negotiations in their daily lives. Mo is the first to have brought BDSM presentations to all of the “Ivy League” schools in the USA. Her artistic expression also extended to producing and starring in the award-winning short-film “IMPACT” an exploration of spanking and connection, voted “Best Short Film” at Cinekink film festival’s 10th Anniversary. Since then is has screened in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

In 2009, motivated by skeptical curiosity, Mollena ran for, and won, the newly resurrected Ms. SF Leather title. As she was therefore contractually obliged to run for International Ms Leather, did so. And won, in 2010. 

Her mission to bring a diversity of race and body types to images of sexuality has lead her to pose for such talented photographic artists as Aeric Meredith-Goujon, Melvin Moten, Don Sir, Howard Schatz, Michele Serchuk and the late Charles Gatewood.

Mollena is the winner of Black Rose’s 2012 Jack McGeorge Award for Excellence in Education. She’s the two-time winner of the National Leather Association’s Sylvia Slater Award for Non-Fiction Writing. In 2018, she was bestowed a “Pioneer” Award by the UK’s Sexual Freedom Awards organization. In 2019, Mollena was inducted into the “Hall of Fame” of the Society of Janus, the second oldest extant BDSM Educational organization in the USA.

Her award-winning writings appear in many anthologies, her interviews in many scholarly pieces. She’s the author of “The Toybag Guide: Taboo Play” as well as co-author of “Playing Well With Others,” an influential self-help book geared towards those looking to explore kink, Leather and BDSM. 

Currently the property and wife of world-renowned Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, her activism continues on unabated as they shared their lives in a Power-Exchange dynamic with the New York Times and are the featured subject of the 2018 documentary “The Artist & The Pervert.”

Marceline VQ

Marceline VQ is an internationally recognized shibari artist whose work challenges viewers with aesthetic and technically complex rope work. She engages rope from all perspectives—as a model in her own rope, with other models in her rope, and as a model in others’ rope—allowing for a deeper understanding of the medium as a creative and connective tool. She adores the sensory experience of being in rope, as well as the idea of becoming “human sculpture.” Her work engages in conversation with themes from quantitative disciplines including geometry and physics and with themes from qualitative disciplines including analytic philosophy and universal empathy. She has studied with shibari communities across the globe, and is classically trained in visual fine arts. 

Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob, an author, educator and photographer is an educational sociologist and researcher by training.  Committed to writing and teaching, he has written three books on Master/slave topics, two books on BDSM mastery, one book on communication strategies, two books on advanced sex techniques, one book on fire play, and three erotic art photo books.  Additionally, he has produced two educational DVDs: one on fire play and one on beginning impact play.  

Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather’s Community Choice Award (man), Dr. Bob has been involved in the BDSM and Total Power Exchange (TPE) scenes since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He presents, judges, and sells his books at weekend kink conferences throughout the year. 

Lady Catherine

Catherine Gross an educator and a Master Certified Coach. She offers classes that focus on relationships, SM skills, D/s and M/s.  She has logged 4000+ education hours teaching Servant’s Retreat alone. She currently is the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest, a board member of Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M), and on the board of FIST a women’s backpatch club in Baltimore, MD.

She has presented classes at 600+ organizations. She was awarded Black Rose’s Vaughn Keith National Educator Award in 2002, Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Service Award 2006, Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year award in 2006, Jack Stice Memorial Award 2016, MAsT-I Presenter of the Year 2016, and Lady Lynette Leadership Award 2018. She is a founder of the Women’s Leather History Project/Program. is her kink site and is her professional coaching site.  Through her private practice, she has been working with kink populations since the early 90’s. Follow her on Tweeter @SuccessCoachMCC and @BDSMClasses

She created Servant’s Retreat I & II, Nine Fold Path Seminar, and Foundations in Mastery. She is known for life-changing weekend seminars since the mid-90’s. My new seminar is called Inviting the Muse: Longevity & Creativity in your M/s and D/s life. She loves people and being able to go deep with them is one of her great privileges! Servant’s Retreat is in Seattle Feb. 7-9, 2020!

Peter Tupper

Peter Tupper is a co-founder of Metro Vancouver Kink, a non-profit BDSM community organization in Vancouver, BC, and remains active in the BDSM scene. He has researched and blogged about the history of consensual sadomasochism since 2005, and has presented at The Art of Loving in Vancouver, BC, the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, WA, and the 2012, 2013 and 2016 Master-slave Conferences. He has also been a guest on Graydancer’s Ropecast, the Masocast, Jack Rinella’s Leathercast, Erotic Awakening, Savage Love, Sluts & Scholars, and the People of Kink podcasts. He edited and contributed to Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave relationships from ancient times to the 21st century (2016), and wrote A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism (2018). He is a two-time winner of the Geoff Mains non-fiction book award from the National Leather Association: International.

Conroy & ShesANatural

Conroy is a gentleman that believes that respect, consistency and self reliance are the keys to a strong and successful relationship. There are a great many kinks that we experience together; most of them are in private, some of them are public. We feel that keeping some of our kinks just between the two of us, helps our dynamic to stay strong and create bonds that are felt deeply.  ShesANatural is an owned, alpha bottom. It takes a persistently strong and exceptional person to bring her to her knees which means, in turn, she is fiercely devoted to Conroy. And He to her. They live in a total power exchange dynamic which is actively operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Together and individually they have performed and presented nationally for over 4 years. 


Apikoros is one of the founders of Chicago Rope. They have been teaching rope since 2015 and are one of Barkas’ students. In addition to their experience with rope, Apikoros draws on their background in disability studies, gender and sexuality studies, as well as significant experience with movement and martial arts. As an instructor, they treat communication as a technical skill, and aim to help students find ways to more intentionally affect and be affected by others.

Melody Anne

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Melody Anne (formally known as MelodyExtreme) is a sexuality educator, workshop facilitator, sex researcher, and all-around sensual adventurer. With over 13 years of experience in the BDSM community under her belt, she identifies as a chronically ill kinkster, masochistic hedonist, rope slut, size queen, and badass bisexual bottom. A shameless sex geek with a degree in psychology and sexuality studies, she has completed Options for Sexual Health’s Sexual Health Educator Certification program, and juggles her time between coordinating studies at a sex research lab and teaching pleasure-based workshops with unforgettable bottom-led live demos. She has presented at venues across North America including Renegade’s Rendezvous, The Citadel, CatalystCon, and the University of British Columbia. You can follow her latest musings on Twitter at @EroticEducator.

Kasia & Sloane

Kasia is a Vancouver-based rope switch and self-suspender. She has been tying for a few years and studies primarily with Barkas and Addie at TheSpace2. She is also a co-instructor at TheSpace2 and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and approach to rope bondage. Kasia appreciates that rope is an especially flexible and versatile medium and she strives to bring a sense of discovery and adaptability to her teaching. 

Sloane is a queer femme rope switch from Vancouver. She is usually present at TheSpace2 tying, being tied, self-suspending, and performing. She has been rope partners with Kasia for over a year and enjoys the multiple styles of rope bondage they do together. Her energy and passion is present in each class she co-teaches. She seeks to share her love of rope bondage in such a way that all kinksters can use it in their own style. 

DaddyCrone / Leenie

Smiling Sadist DaddyCrone Leenie is a long-term body worker / energy runner and has been in the leather world since early 90’s. Leenie began Dancing with Whips in 1998 and has not stopped. S/he has taught/presented at over 20 events around the US and Canada.

 In workshops Leenie shares her style, which s/he gleaned from various whip enthusiasts such as Bob Deegan, Boomer, Sebastian, Roger, Stan and Wayne of Atlanta. Thank you all for sharing your passion!

This Dance is of spirit, body and mind for Leenie, who revels in the intentions created. Keep Dancing!

For further information about Leenie please feel free to check Fetlife page DaddyCrone.


I began entangling people, rope, and circus 5 years ago. I have studied rope bondage and circus disciplines with incredible artists from around the world. My growth and development stem from a wealth of information gained from passionate and talented individuals that I desire to pass on to my peers. I draw from my experience on both sides of the rope, as well as my knowledge of body mechanics from a career in acrobatics and other apparatus.                        

Find Sving at:

DouxPapa / Hawk

DouxPapa / Hawk is the youngest of 9 children was raised in a family of MC Leather Culture.  He comes from a multi-cultural / multi-racially diverse family and has been out as Queer since 1978 and is actively involved in the sex positive culture and Leather Community.  American Sign Language is his second language.

He has presented at The Gathering in 2017 and at Gender Odyssey in 2018.  He has also spoken at the Leadership Conference at U of W and at Northwest Hospital on Transgender Healthcare.

Sara Blaze

Sara Blaze is a lifestyle Fem Domme, a Professional Dominatrix, and anything but typical.  As a community leader, a partner and a parent, Sara is engaged, passionate and tireless.  

Sara is the President of MVK Alternative Lifestyle Society (“MVK”), BC’s largest BDSM not for profit organization which focuses on promoting outreach and education and has held this position for over five years and been involved with MVK in some fashion since its inception 10 years ago.  Sara is also the Producer of Westcoast Bound, MVK’s premier annual weekend long event focused on BDSM education. With her leadership, Westcoast Bound has grown exponentially from 100 attendees to nearly 500.

As an educator, she has taught locally with Indigeo, MVK, Taboo, SFU, ConvergeCon and Pandemonium in the Prairies and in the US at the Leather Leadership, the Gathering, Sin in the City and Northwest Leather Celebration.  She has been interviewed on several occasions, notably with Jill Krop of Global’s Unfiltered.