Masters Kink Degree 2019

Precipice: Extreme edge play – Stephanos & Shay

Violent assault, humiliation, terror, interrogation, forced sex… playing on the brink can be vastly rewarding, but also psychologically and physically dangerous (which is of course part of the appeal). Stefanos & Shay will demonstrate & discuss types of edge play scenes, negotiation & aftercare for this type of play, and the how & why of taking yourself (and your partner/s) to the limit… and then pulling them (and yourself) back.

This class includes numerous demos, including emotional edge play, sexual consensual non-consent, gun play, use of “trigger words,” realistic and personal portrayal of domestic abuse, and rough body play, as well as participatory discussion about “soft limits” and risk awareness in the context of edge play. Throughout, Stefanos & Shay emphasize using edge play for catharsis and empowerment.

This class is not for beginners and contains content that many participants find triggering (often in unexpected ways). NO LATE ENTRY allowed for this session.

Straight Razor!  It’s Sexy as Hell Folks! – Daddy Crone

Shaving, it is one of those mundane things we all have to do.  For most, it is a matter of esthetics. Most folks use the good ol’ safety razor, for this class we will learn how to kick it up by adding the sexy as hell straight razor!  The intimacy, the sensations of the razor gliding across a throat or pussy or ass, hell anywhere on the body, the scrape of the hair being severed and the trust between two people as they dance the razors edge!

Yes, folks shaving can be fun, sexy and just a little dangerous! Blood optional. 😉

Stapling – JodiB

Medical and Home Depot. Jodi loves to play Mad Scientist. She will show us one of her favorite tools – staples. You can use it for quick and sadistic decorations by using medical staples or take it to 11 and use a staple gun and duck tape. Oh yes, there will be blood!

Saline Infusion – JodiB

Get Swollen! Used for humiliation, eroticism, control, dominance, and just plain old fun! Want some big old balls? How about big breasts? Change genders for a day! Play Dr. Frankenstein on your partner. Take control and morph their body temporarily into the creature of both your immediate desires.

Live Through This: Pain Processing – Tillie & Ben

Pain is a primal experience, and underlies many of our BDSM practices. Whether you love or hate (or love to hate) pain, we offer some tools for managing your ability to experience and receive intense sensations. Two experienced masochists share physical, mental and emotional techniques to help your journey with pain become fuller, longer, and more satisfying.

Disco inferno: self discovery on the ordeal path – Tillie & Ben

Some of us are drawn to trials, to extremes, to testing our limits, and to seeing what lies on the other side. During the session, we explore the driving forces of the ordeal path, and the personal discoveries we have found on it. We examine the ordeal path as a focused and compassionate journey into and out of the self. We offer strategies for preparing for ordeals, and ideas for integrating your experience into your life afterwards. This workshop is centered on the viewpoint of those who seek to experience ordeals.

Rough Body Play: High and Low Energy – Redrobin

This is for those that love to use their body, to get down to basics and connect with their partner directly through physical contact. In this demo based class, you can expect to go over how and where to slap, punch, kick, where and how to apply pressure points, how to use your knees and elbows, and more! We’ll cover topics such as injuries, chronic pain, disability, pregnancy, etc. and how to possibly work with/around those issues.  Bottoms are welcome, but I hold no responsibility if they use what they learn on you!

It was Knife knowing you! – Redrobin

Fear, primal energy, blood, and cold shiny steel. Whether you’re intruiged by knives and don’t know where to start, or you want to take your knife play to the next level – we’ll cover it! After going over some care, safety and basics, we’ll demonstrate methods of using your knife to cause fear, various ways of cutting, and how to fuck someone with a knife. Edge play at its sharpest!

A Rush of Blood – Xanthine

Pokey, stabby, bleedy.  Needle play is intoxicating – shiny, visceral, methodical. This class is part energy work, part bloody bad ideas mayhem.  Why do we put needles where we do? How can needle placement change the feeling in our bodies, aside from just the pain? Learn how to use just a few needles to create an intense scene, and how a lightweight needle bottom can take hundreds, if given the right environment. Learn to place needles in places to help chronic pain and mental fatigue, and to bring forth emotion and energy. Then watch how to tie these things together with some advanced needle play sure to get the blood rushing.

Bad Ideas – Xanthine

If “what the hell is wrong with you?” is your idea of seduction, you’ll get along just fine in this class. Rapid fire demonstrations (with audience participation!) of one terrible idea after another, that can help push a a scene from intense to terrifying, or serious to ridiculous. Xanthine will go over bad ideas that turned out to be actually bad ideas, and bad ideas that have become favourites. +10 to creativity, -10 to sanity.