Presenters 2018 N-Z

Princess Kali is a dynamic educator & entrepreneur that focuses on power exchange, confidence & communication. With over 16 years of experience in exploring sexually alternative lifestyles & professions she has presented nearly 200 times at diverse venues such as Harvard, Kink in the Caribbean, Dark Odyssey and SXSW.

Now her time is focused on personal coaching, running her revolutionary website, speaking across the US as well as internationally and promoting her first book, “Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation.”

Rainbow is a kinky, nerdy, incredibly enthusiastic bootblack that’s honored to be this years Western Canada Bootblack. Rainbow’s pronouns are they/them and she/her. Having bootblacked for the past 6 years, in a variety of environments and dynamics, she aims to share her love of leather care, and the pants feelings it can cause to as many people as she can.

Rainbow is excited to be starting her WCBB title year with the WCB conference, before heading to Edmonton to talk about bootblacking some more in February.

Queer. Kinkster. Nerd. Slut. Educator. Activist.

Redrobin is a Vancouver based international presenter of alternative sexuality and identifies as a queer, genderfluid (she/her), polyamorous, sex/body positive, top heavy switch. She’s been involved in her local sex and kink community since 2007.

She began teaching lap dancing classes for The Bachelor Plan in 2010, then in 2014 taught her first BDSM class for MVK and was soon teaching regularly for the BDSM, polyamorous, sex, swinger, and queer communities. Formerly Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink and organizer of the Queer and Trans event known as The Rainbow Connection.

Her medical background has fueled her passion for the human body and mind, and she enjoys exploring her own as well as others. She wants to give back by helping others discover and explore their sexuality without shame or judgement, and is a firm believer that you can never stop learning!

River Dark is a poly dyke Top/switch, a writer and educator hailing from Vancouver, BC. She has been teaching for over 10 years, out as a pervert for over 25, and thinking about it all her life.

She is trained as an actor, but expresses herself artistically by writing and reading porn, teaching workshops and by creating a scene. While some of her workshops teach physical skills, she is most interested in the mind, so many of her workshops explore the psychological aspects of play.

River is committed to creating engaging, fact-filled and thought-provoking workshops. Her slave domenique has been River’s property for almost 6 years, but claims to have belonged to her from the day they first played. It came out into kink when it was 19 and embraced it with mind, body and soul. It spends a lot of time running around in its head, and enjoys sharing those thoughts with a wider audience.

Tifereth’s introduction to rope bondage (and the fetish community) came 6 years ago in the form of a surprisingly enjoyable futomomo tsuri. Since then she’s drawn on her dual background in high-performance athletics and figurative arts to push herself physically and aesthetically on both ends of the rope.

Known for her dynamic style of sadism, performative rope and creative approach to harness construction, she loves conveying her passion through engaging hands-on methods of instruction. A veteran educator and performer, her teaching and performing credits include Bondage Expo Dallas, Eurix, Helsinki Shibari, Shibaricon, FapCon, Dark Odyessy, Bound in Boston, and many more.

If you want to track her down at a con, just look for the group of people talking foot bondage; you’ll probably find her there with a handful of bottle caps.

Woodentiger69 identifies as a polyamorous pansexual who dabbles in corrective sadism using rope bondage, pressure points, and rough body play. He draws his knowledge from his experiences teaching anatomy and physiology, martial arts training in various styles, and his current practice as a registered acupuncturist.

He has shared his experiences at:

  • Training and Tea Time, Edmonton (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Kink Kamp, Edmonton (2011)
  • Northern Exposure 3, Alaska (2012)
  • Alberta Rope Lovers, Edmonton (now the Edmonton Rope Dojo)
  • Ropegasm, Edmonton (2012)
  • FapCon 1, Calgary (2014)
  • NARIX I, Michigan (2014)
  • NARIX 2, Florida (2015)
  • NARIX 3, LA (2016)
  • RopeCraft New Orleans (2016)

Xanthine identifies as a queer, sadomasochistic science nerd with a fondness for rope, ridiculousness, agony, and release. They focus their community efforts on education and promotion of responsible edge play with a goal of safer, more accessible spaces and a more diverse and welcoming crowd of weirdoes. They have taught at Kinkfest, Conception, Fapcon, Westcoast Bound, Dark Odyssey and other conferences.

As a massage therapist and energy worker, they focus their play style towards channeling pain into healing, transformation, and empowerment for both bottom and top. As a clown and activist, they seek to smash the patriarchy by dismantling ego and promoting laughter, connection, and sincerity in the dungeon.