Sacramento, California, United States

Anton Fulmen

Mr. Fulmen is the author of The Heart of Dominance and The Dominance Playbook, and a kink and sexuality educator specializing in consensual power exchange.

He has had a lifelong fascination with intimate power and authority, exploring it in a wide range of flavors and contexts from relationships ranging from one night to ten years, from casual to full-time, from silly to serious; and in styles from Daddy to Master to Owner to I-don’t-know-what-this-is-but-it-sure-is-fun. He usually dominates, sometimes submits, and always learns; building a deep understanding of many forms of intimate leading and following.


Inviting Surrender

Are you excited to try power exchange, but not sure how to get from “Hi, nice to meet you,” to “Get down and lick my boots”? In this beginners ’ workshop, Anton will present a road map for inviting someone to join you in playing with dominance and submission, and establishing a foundation for power exchange that’s both scrupulously consensual and deeply felt. The class is appropriate whether you’re hoping to negotiate a power exchange scene with a new friend this weekend, or adding a new power dynamic into an established relationship.

Talking Dirty

One of the most powerful and most often underestimated kink tools is right at the tip of your tongue. The right narrative can transform an ordinary makeout session or a routine flogging into a profound experience of worship or degradation, communion or conquest. Learn how dirty talk can be used to deepen connection and create a shared narrative with your partner–through hot and shameless communication before, during and after playtime.

This workshop will include advice for the shy and the tongue-tied, and for those who just want to polish their patter. We’ll also cover some fundamental rules for building connection, as well as a plethora of specific ideas for verbal cleverness. Proficiency at talking dirty is equally valuable for both tops and bottoms, and the class will be geared for both.

D/s for the Long Haul

Many of us dream of power exchange that never ends, but only grows deeper over years dominance and submission. Many of us also discover that realizing that dream is more complicated than it looks!
There are tricks and challenges to long-term power exchange that don’t come up in an evening of D/s play, or even in the first six months. We have to find sustainable ways to integrate our dynamics with the demands of our vanilla lives. Novelty fades, and we have to figure out how to keep things fresh. People change over time, and we have to either change together or grow apart. But there are also rewards unique to long-term power exchange that simply aren’t possible in shorter-term dynamics. We can do profound kinds of training, find powerful stability in established structure, and build a unique kind of trust.

Anton will share hard-earned lessons about how to keep D/s vibrant and harmonious across the years, as well as some ideas of what’s possible to do with a years’ long power dynamic. This will be an interactive class, with lots of opportunity for participants to share their own lessons and ideas.