Kelowna, British Columbia, Cananda

Ainsley Wynter

Ainsley, or wyld works too, is an educator and organizer from Toronto, now living in Kelowna, who started their kink adventures in Ottawa. Ainsley is a genderfluid lifestyle submissive, that is a mix of one part disarming innocence and one part misleading kindness.

Ainsley is a whole hearted submissive that does enjoy putting her favourite bossy skirt and heels on in the right occasion. It is during these moments she is commonly misconstrued as a switch, however this is not the case as they will never abandon their team lowercase ’s’ jersey. When it comes to her favourite kinks, she is always up for chatting about about D/s dynamics, high protocol, humiliation & degradation, CBT, chastity, and rope to name a few.