Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Aeon_ identifies as a sadistic, queer, creature of the wild Pacific Northwest. They love elegant and precise BDSM, focusing their creative talents and skills on most things sharp. A good mind fuck, getting inside your physical and mental space, and preying on primal fears is part of their fun.

They value intimacy, energy exchange, mutual empowerment, and authenticity in all their interactions and relationships. Always curious, his thirst for knowledge is matched with her love of guiding others. Aeon’s academic and practical knowledge of forensic osteology, human anatomy, and physiology fuels their passion for providing education, which extends to providing welcoming spaces in their local community for safer edge play.

They value commitment to community and volunteers their time moderating online groups, hosting skill shares, providing intensives, and presenting at conferences. Whether it’s the wild creature’s smile, her characteristic laughter, or both, you know you are in for a ride.


Artistic Cutting Beginner

Adorning our bodies has been part of our human experience for millennia. This class will lead you through some of the types of scarification, the history of mutilation as a form of symbolism and art, and finally speak to this practice as part of our current culture. After a bit of history it is time to get hands on. An overview of materials needed for your practice as well as methods for artistic scalpel cutting will leave you with a deeper knowledge of the art, a basic knowledge of the skill, and the confidence to perform or receive cuttings.

Needles: An Introduction

Learn the basics of needle play! Needles are enticing and intriguing to most people in a playfully fearful way. They can evoke a vast array of feelings and reactions from both the piercer and the pierced. Their applications can range from the artistic to the sadistic, or any creative combination in between. Whatever your motivation may be for entering into this particular type of play this class will cover the basics by briefly touching on best safety practices and play piercing technique.