"No Shrinking Violet" ~ Model: Joolz_Arsenpuff

“No Shrinking Violet” ~ Model: Joolz Arsenpuff

Do you want to know how to safely tie somebody up? Or how about the best way to play with hot wax? Or play with knives? And then there’s this thing called Needle Play….

But where can you learn stuff like that???

Welcome to the WestcoastBound Kink Conference workshops!

The WestCoast Kink Conference will provide you with the tools you need to explore your sexuality in a safe and supportive manner while maintaining a firm grasp on the fundamentals of consent. No matter whether you are just curious or an experienced player,  the WestcoastBound workshops create positive space and open discussion on all matters relating to sexual health, sexual identification, and sexual expression. Our experts presenters will guide you through a multitude of different skills and topics, from knife play to polyamory and Leather.

It’s a wide world out there, so let us be your guides in your exquisite exploration.