A Rush of Blood

By Xanthine lecture, demo, hands-on. Advanced Pokey, stabby, bleedy. Needle play is intoxicating – shiny, visceral, methodical. This class is part energy work, part bloody bad ideas mayhem. Why do we put needles where we do? How can needle placement change the feeling in our bodies, aside from just the pain? Learn how to use just a few needles to […]

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Freedom of Choice: Predicaments and Mindreading

By Xanthine lecture, demo, any level How do people make decisions? You want to play with predicaments, but how can you predict the outcome of an action while in scene? Learn to use cognitive bias and other modern discoveries in neuroscience to predict how the bottom will react and be motivated, and use this to structure the scene so it […]

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Xanthine identifies as a queer, sadomasochistic science nerd with a fondness for rope, ridiculousness, agony, and release. They focus their community efforts on education and promotion of responsible edge play with a goal of safer, more accessible spaces and a more diverse and welcoming crowd of weirdoes. They have taught at Kinkfest, Conception, Fapcon, Westcoast Bound, Dark Odyssey and other […]

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