What You are in the Dark

Presented By: Xanthine “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” When we begin with kink, sometimes we’re frozen with self-doubt; how to stand, what to say, what to do next. When we’re experienced, we fall into accustomed and successful patterns; but familiarity can breed complacency. In this class, we’ll explore the […]

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Switch Fight

Presented By: Xanthine Switches are tricky beasts. How do you decide who plays which role? How do switches in a long term relationship continue to get their needs met? What are the stereotypes around switches and how do we dismantle them? Join us for a series of demos and examples of how two switches can play with each other, how […]

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How Not to Negotiate

Presented By: Xanthine Negotiation is a necessary part of play and….zzzzzzzz……Yeah, it’s usually boring. And often ineffective. It can put the responsibility for thinking of every contingency in the hands of the bottom, who doesn’t want it, and takes the creativity and sensuality of the top and turns it into a predictable list, while still leaving the important details open […]

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Xanthine identifies as a queer, sadomasochistic science nerd with a fondness for rope, ridiculousness, agony, and release. They focus their community efforts on education and promotion of responsible edge play with a goal of safer, more accessible spaces and a more diverse and welcoming crowd of weirdoes. They have taught at Kinkfest, Conception, Fapcon, Westcoast Bound, Dark Odyssey and other […]

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