Pressure Points, An Introduction

Presented by: Woodentiger69 Touch can be a pleasurable experience, whether it is a light caress, or a firm touch. But sometimes we crave a more intense sensation that can take our breath away and bring us to our knees. Pressure points can be used to achieve this level of sensory stimulation. Woodentiger69 first learned to use pressure points in the […]

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Rough Body Play 101

Presented by: Woodentiger69 Getting physical with someone can really get your blood pumping. Whether it is a slap, a punch, or a kick, rough body play can take you and your partner into another head-space entirely. Join Woodentiger69 for a workshop where you will learn how to properly hurt your partner without causing them harm. This workshop will cover the […]

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Cupping 101: An Introduction to Fire Cupping

Presented by: Woodentiger69 Fire cupping has been used for healing in many cultures, and can elicit unique sensations. This ancient technique has been incorporated into the kinky lexicon and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Woodentiger is a registered acupuncturist and has used therapeutic fire cupping in his clinic for over 10 years. He has applied this knowledge of […]

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Woodentiger69 identifies as a polyamorous pansexual who dabbles in corrective sadism using rope bondage, pressure points, and rough body play. He draws his knowledge from his experiences teaching anatomy and physiology, martial arts training in various styles, and his current practice as a registered acupuncturist. He has shared his experiences at: Training and Tea Time, Edmonton (2011, 2012, 2013) Kink […]

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