The Lift

By Topologist One of the most common questions I hear from riggers just beginning to suspend is how to actually attach and secure support lines on the beautiful harnesses they have tied. This class focuses entirely on the support line: methods for attaching with and without carabiners, attaching to multiple points on a harness, gaining effective mechanical advantage for lifting, […]

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Improvisational Inescapability

By Topologist One of the fun things about floorwork is that when there’s no chance of falling, you can feel more free to make things up on the fly, without worrying about whether every component of a tie is bombproof. On the other hand, after spending 15 minutes tying a brilliantly artistic and complex flight of fancy, it’s kind of […]

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All the Bondage You Need for Hot Bedroom Scenes

By Topologist Learning to tie is a journey that can last a lifetime. But if that’s not the journey you’re on, a few quick ties can provide all the hot, restrained bedroom play you’re ever likely to need. This class is about how to incorporate rope into your sex life without months of practice and training. We will cover a […]

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Topologist is the founder of Crash Restraint, a free online instructional database of over 200 ties, and creator of the Core Rope Curriculum, a modern educational system for bondage built from the ground up for safety, diversity, and effectiveness. He has invented numerous new techniques, most famously the Somerville Bowline, which since its introduction in 2009 has become perhaps the […]

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