Extra-ordinary Service

By Lady Moonfyre & Lord Mykel Not only can it be rewarding and extremely fun, it’s a two way street. Service is more than housework or serving a nice dinner, although those are wonderful things too! Service is finely focussed attention of the bottom onto the top. Service is attention to details and desires, and meeting those needs with promptness […]

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By Lady Moonfyre & Lord Mykel Seducing the Top, flirting with the Sadist… It is all fun and games and hopefully someone gets hurt. Master-baiting is a delightful play on words that means you are enticing them to get a Mean-on. Which of course will arouse in them the desire to get their Mean-off on your willing masochistic bottom. Letting […]

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Hurt Me… I Like It!

By Lady Moonfyre & Lord Mykel A focus on masochism and bottoming. Managing and developing your reaction to pain or ‘getting the most out of a beating’. Developing an understanding of what makes a masochist “tick”. Exploring how pain tolerance, the rush and drive to experience pain and how masochistic tendencies affect your play time. How igniting the masochist allows […]

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Lord Mykel & Lady Moonfyre

Lord Mykel & Lady Moonfyre

Moonfyre has been a professional public speaker since 1988. She presents workshops and lectures with professionalism, humour and the ability to actively engage her audience. Lady Moonfyre is a published author on relationships, sexuality and alternative lifestyle, and a dedicated, passionate presenter. She has been actively living her kink for nearly 2 decades and joyfully shares stories of learning the […]

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