Aren & Ms WillowKat

Aren & Ms WillowKat

Aren An active member of several leather families, Aren is Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 as part of a triad, and current producer of Pacific Coast Power Exchange. Aren is a graduate of Leather Quest San Francisco’s class of 2011, and was the Junior Headmaster for Journey SF 2016. Aren brings a unique combination of queer leather sensibilities […]

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Polyamory in the Context of Power Exchange

By Ms WillowKat & Aren Polyamorous power exchange relationships have unique challenges and opportunities. In this highly interactive class, we will share our journey leading intricate polyamorous lives in a context of power exchange. We will discuss crafting careful agreements that can serve as safety nets as you navigate poly waters. You will shape the direction of this class with […]

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Sex Magic: Energy Work & Power Exchange

By Ms WillowKat & Aren Growing and maintaining a vibrant D/s dynamic takes mindfulness, focus, and the judicious use of tools. Sex magic and other energy work can be used to enhance and focus a variety of power exchange dynamics. This powerful path can create and deepen intimacy, and be a force of healing. This dynamic, interactive class will include […]

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Communication Protocols for Power Exchange

By Ms WillowKat & Aren Power exchange relationships present unique communications challenges and opportunities. In this class, we will discuss and demo several communication protocols that we use regularly. These powerful tools build safety for transparency while supporting authority-exchange dynamics. We will share stories of some of our own struggles and successes. This is an interactive class, please bring your […]

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BDSM, Sex and Shame: Working with What Emerges

By Ms WillowKat & Aren Many trauma survivors hold shame about their sexual and BDSM desires/proclivities. The crucible of BDSM and sex can open up these core issues. Whether you intend to use BDSM for healing work, or simply want to be prepared to deal with the emergence of trauma in scene, this class is for you! Come learn tools […]

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