Torture with Rope

By MrsB One needn’t use all sorts of complicated instruments to bring pain to a masochist – a simple kit of rope is all any sadist needs! We will cover all sorts of devious and unexpected ways to bring pain, discomfort, and suffering to those who we tie, and we’ll explore the masochist’s perspective to bottoming for this kind of […]

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Humiliation, Degradation, & Objectification: How to Break It Down Before Breaking Them Down

By MrsB All sorts of kinky people identify as being “into humiliation play” but what does that mean exactly? Humiliation play has become a sort of umbrella term for all sorts of different emotional and psychological play. This class breaks down terms that fall under the Humiliation Umbrella into smaller pieces so that we can figure out exactly what kind […]

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Open Wide! Playing with the Mouth

By MrsB Once you’ve got your bottom all tied up and helpless, what better thing to do than explore that wet, inviting hole in their face? From rope and twine to chopsticks, floss, clothespins, food, and weights, there are so many amazing ways to use that warm, moist, intimate playground that is the mouth. (Hands-On.)

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Mrs B

Mrs B

MrsB is a smart, sexy, sadistic switch who is passionate about sharing her kinky knowledge. She enjoys rope bondage, cuddling, good conversation, joking around, and intense play. She has been an active member of the Chicago kink community since 2004, and she proudly leads Bight Club, the Chicago chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches. She teaches regularly in Chicago, and has presented […]

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