Structuring the D/s Relationship and the Rose Colored Glasses Phenomenon

Presented by: Mistress Marlene The relationship between domination and submission has a certain complex simplicity, it can be crazy making and amazing simultaneously but make no mistake, it will always be work, hard work. It begins with the choices we make on both sides of the slash. Making conscious deliberate decisions has its own kind of power and self worth, […]

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It’s all about the Attitude

Presented by: Mistress Marlene Attitude will eventually make or break D/s opportunities and relationships. It really doesn’t matter which side of the slash one is on. Attitude leads us to or from those we might hope to spend our lives with. The questions I would pose are, as a dominant how do you see yourself as being perceived through the […]

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Presented by: Mistress Marlene Once upon a time in foreign lands (and still to this day) the mode of corporal punishment in schools and during interrogations of detainees was the simple punishment (torture) of Bastinado or Falaka. We are beginning to see more and more desire to practice this ancient art of Bastinado/Falaka in the BDSM communities in North America. […]

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Mistress Marlene

Mistress Marlene

You know the ‘old adage, opinions are like ass holes everyone has one, fact not fiction. So take my opinions with a grain of salt unless they ring a bell. If they ring a bell my opinions have already been your own, today you hear them spoken by another. Validation and inspiration is the heart of my M/s D/s passions […]

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