Beginning with the End in Mind

Presented by: Miss Amy Red Many D/s relationships aren’t built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’re doomed to failure. What if the terms of the end of a relationship could be negotiated and framed as a success up front? In this class, we will explore options for negotiating and participating in intentionally bounded D/s relationships.

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Honored Objects

Presented by: Miss Amy Red This class teases objectification apart from the often-commingled concepts of humiliation and degradation. We’ll look at ways we already objectify while still acknowledging the value, purpose and appeal of those objects. Then we’ll explore some tools we can use to turn up the volume on those dynamics for even more hot connection.

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Service: Devotion in Deed

Presented by: Miss Amy Red What is it that makes some service relationships so powerful and intimate? Participants are invited consider how service fits into their relationships, what each side of the exchange gets from it, and what can be done to fine-tune for sustainable service relationships. Whether you’re newly curious or seasoned and experienced in service relationships, this workshop […]

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Miss Amy Red is, or sometimes identifies as: instigator, service-oriented, polyamorous, cat herder, active bottom, treasured property, rope partner, submissive and occasional top. Most of all, she is passionate about powerful education and empowered relationships. S he served her local community as the Maitre’d of Seattle’s Libertine Social Club, a high-protocol service event, where she trained and provided leadership for […]

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