Nonverbal Power and Surrender

By Midori So much of the art of desire and seduction – and getting what you want – happens without words! Would you like to attract that dominant you find so sexy? Do you want to seduce surrender from a submissive? Want to effectively project elegant submission or sleek dominance? Learn nonverbal skills invite desired attention and deepen the power […]

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Rope: Control & Dominance Moves

By Midori Learn effective rope moves to enhance control. Whatever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides. Whether you enjoy Kinbaku, Shibari, Westen, Predicament, Damsel in Distress, Take-downs or Confrontational play, these […]

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How to Create Amazing Scenes: Get into their Heads

By Midori Want to create mind-blowing scenes that leave you and your partner in a state of bliss and pleasure? Do you want to feel confident in knowing what to do next in a scene? Feeling like you might be missing the mark on full satisfaction with your play? Come to this class to find out what’s between the lines […]

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Midori is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality. Dubbed “the super nova of kink” by Dan Savage, she emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, soon becoming a much sought after international presenter on sexuality, personal fulfillment and kinky adventures. Her reputation as authority and leading expert on alternative pleasures stem not only […]

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