Madame Butterfly & Hawk

Madame Butterfly & Hawk

Hawk and Madame Butterfly have been exploring variations on their power exchange relationship since 2007. Through trial and error they arrived at their current incarnation wherein they identify as Master and Geisha. They are 2016 Pacific Coast Power Exchange title holders. Madame Butterfly’s proud Japanese heritage is reflected by her love of Shibari, tea ceremony, service to community and to […]

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Teaching the Top (Learning from the Bottom)

By Madame_Butterfly & Hawk Ever wonder how to tap into the abundance of knowledge that bottoms possess, especially experienced rope bottoms, without completely messing up the interpersonal dynamic that make your scenes hot in the first place. Hawk 9 and Madame Butterfly share tools and communication techniques to enable tops to mine the knowledge resident in your bottoms without invoking […]

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